Technocom Wireless Location

LocationSmartâ„¢ Analytics enables wireless carriers to streamline the correlation of field test results and review analytics on a market by market basis. Market managers can perform real-time trend analysis and effectively monitor performance of their respective areas. With real-time analytics accessible on demand, timelines to perform internal analysis is under your control.

With just a few clicks, you may export the necessary summary data and drilldown analysis required for successful e911 compliance reporting. LocationSmart Analytics are prepared and structured to align with regulatory reporting requirements and your specific operational needs.

Empower your performance testing and network compliance teams with the following capabilities:

  • Performance data monitoring
  • Trend Analysis
  • Summary and drilldown statistics by market area
  • Ability to identify issues and pinpoint root cause
  • Monitor field testing and time to completion
  • Export data for specific internal analysis
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements and timelines
  • Save time and money with LocationSmart Analytics services