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Cadillacs, Camrys and Accords will soon be chatting on the causeway. Will this keep them from crashing into one another? On a general motors test track in Warren, Mich. an engineer sitting in the passenger seat of a black Cadillac CTS gives a reporter the following instructions: Step on the gas and drive 30mph toward another CTS parked in the same lane. Don't touch the brakes. Two car lengths before a nasty collision, and just before panic sets in, the two Caddies start talking to each other, sharing status reports over tiny Already registered with KeepMedia? sign-in
By Jonathan Fahey
January 29, 2007

Auto Insight, Local 4 News, Detroit

Smart Car, Local 2 News, Florida

By: Justin McNew, Janice Partyka, Gordon Peredo, Mario Proietti
GPS World, with permission from the publishers
October 1, 2006

By Mario Proietti and Justin McNew
GPS World, with permission from the publishers
August 2006

By Mario Proietti
GPS World, with permission from the publishers
December 2005

Time Warner Cable's Fleet Intelligence Fleet Management Solution
September 22, 2005

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TechnoCom: On The Radar
June 1, 2004